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Betusha Rapatusha

Necessary Questions to SELF

1. Will this help me grow in any way?

2. Does this person make me happier than I can make me?

3. Am I doing what I can do to better ME?

4. Did I drink enough water today?

5. Have you been following your heart lately?

6. Is this situation more exhausting and draining than it is positive?

7. Are you willing to make someone else happy at the expense of your own happiness?

8. Is my heart happy?

9. Am I doing what it takes to become successful?

10. Am I dreaming big enough?

11. Have you reached out to the people you love to remind them how much you care, lately?

12. It’s necessary to distance yourself from the world to place focus on self from time to time. Whens the last time I have?

13. Do I really need this burger?

14. Are you reading constantly to keep your mind creatively active?

15. Are you willing to rid yourself of everything negative, including thoughts, in order to attract positivity?

16. Is your list of Wants greater than your list of Needs?

17. Am I putting myself first?

18. Do you love yourself? Like REALLY Love yourself?

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