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Betusha Rapatusha

Our Strange & Mysterious Moon..

Our Strange and Mysterious Moon …

… is not the only artificial moon in our solar system:

Mars two moons, Phobe and Diemas, appeared seemingly out of nowhere in 1876, in a place previously observed for hundreds of years. The evidence has been overwhelming since the 1960’s that they are artificial constructs, spacecrafts of some kind, and it was even recently concluded by the European Space Agency that Phobe is indeed hollow and likely artificial. Pictures really do speak a thousands words here:

Another interesting note in history; Venus had a moon 2,000 miles in diameter (slightly smaller than ours) that was observed from 1672 until 1764, and then it simply vanished. Today Venus has no moons. Oddly, this disappearing moon cannot be found in any astronomy books.

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