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Betusha Rapatusha

Foreign Muse, Forbidden Fruit

Betusha Rapatusha


5th Base gallery – 23 heneage street, london, e1 5lj

Insta: @Betusharapatusha | email:

Open to public: 12 - 8pm | 29th April – 2nd May

Betusha Rapatusha is an Albanian mixed media, fine artist living in the UK. Foreign Muse, Forbidden Fruit is Betusha’s first solo exhibition and will display works that demonstrate her personal form of expression, emotional release and beautiful means of deciphering the mysteries of her world. Her choice of medium ranges from watercolour, acrylic and oil on canvas, paper and at times clothing. This approach encapsulates and celebrates the freedom she strives for, to create in a manner of expression that is as vast as the sky and as infinite as the ocean. 

Before arriving in England at the age of seven, she had no formal education and couldn’t speak English. Just a temporary obstacle however as she self-taught herself the language and began to absorb her new surroundings and circumstances, where she founded and eventually fortified her passion for art, her first and perhaps only true love. Her creative mind and artful adept evolved and flourished throughout her childhood and continued into her young adult life where she graduated from Westminster University in London with an Honours Degree in Mixed Media Fine Art. 

Aspirational by nature she counts Mother Teresa and Frida Kahlo as two of her main muses, role models and inspirational figures whose life-works she has drawn from. Her sensitive but fiery passion are a direct reflection of this, be it in her words, or her limitless love and restless thoughts;  all of which are weaved into her art, all in the effort to share a glimpse of the labyrinth, that is her mind.

‘‘I’m a passionate woman, but you can never give a passionate woman too much passion” - Betusha Rapatusha

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