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Betusha Rapatusha


In my country

I was taught to be uncomplicated

Because then maybe I will find someone who will fall in love with me

And we will have a long lasting marriage

Because that’s what is most important

I was taught to pray to find a capable husband

Because then I won’t have to work anymore

And nothing is more important

I was taught to keep myself in my best shape

Because then someone will pick me over the others

And I can finally belong to someone and have children

Everything else can wait




I cannot wait

I have had enough of being expected to have someone else

I have grown tired of being judged on my capabilities to have and keep a relationship

You want me to be perfect

And to you that means getting fucking married, staying fucking married and having kids and giving up the fucking job

You tell me, it’s so I would be able to live an easy life

Oh right, “if I’m lucky”

Well let me tell you what I think even though you won’t listen and deny me anyway

Perfect to me are those who have found happiness

Lucky to me are those who are able to keep it

I have no interest in living a life where I cannot be complicated or keep my job or have my body be what I want it to be

I want what every man has; freedom – the ability to choose which responsibilities I want, the acceptance of having complications and imperfections, and don’t even get me started about safety

I want whatever makes me happy, without your expectations forcing me to stay within the lines

I want what every man already has but every woman has to fight for

I want a life that is my own, not everybody else’s

And I cannot wait.

Artist: Betusha Rapatusha

Author: Unknown

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