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Betusha Rapatusha

My First post and its about my baby Turtle Goku...

Spring 2013 my grandparents sent me a baby turtle from Albania.

I WAS SO HAPPY. I instantly feel so in love with him. he was so small and so cute!

I was so stuck for names.. My dad started calling him Tartargua and i thought it was a super cute name

Then i found out it meant turtle in Italian hahaha so me and my brother decided to call him Goku like the cartoon DBZ.

Unlike cats and dogs and a lot of other animals turtle's cant really show you love and affection.

Having a turtle has taught me a lot about how to love and being selfless with my love. Its such an lovely feeling inside looking after something and slowly watching it blossom and grow. He may never be able to show me love back but that’s okay, doesn’t mean i will stop loving him any less. He has helped me grow with love and for that I’m so grateful.

Peace and Love


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