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Betusha Rapatusha is an Albanian Mixed Media Fine Artist living in the UK. Until arriving in England at the age of 7 as an immigrant, she had no formal education and could not speak English. This was only a temporary obstacle. She quickly discovered Art, her first love. Her creative spell started as a child, in primary school through to high school she followed her passion and graduated Westminster University in London with an Honours Degree in Mixed Media Fine Art. 


Betusha finds art as the perfect form of expression, to release emotion and to make sense of the world. There is no limit to her work, she uses watercolour, acrylic, oil and even occasionally paints on clothes. Her heart is as open as the sky. She is incredibly sensitive and passionate. Everything that comes from her is genuine; her advice, her conversations, her love, her heart, her art. Her inspiration is as limitless as she is, she finds creativity in passion, innocence, self love, playfulness, kindness, heart-ache, change and mainly LOVE.

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